henri fabre
Airbus helicopters est l’un des principaux donneurs d’ordres du Team. © Anthony Pecchi

Team Henri Fabre

  • Unity is strength


A global expertise centre in advanced manufacturing is about to spring up in a 150ha area beside the Etang de Berre.


This innovative public-private project will enable its partners to join forces and share skills, resources, research and projects and to structure a network with all involved in driving change and research. It concerns the aeronautics, energy, medical and naval industries and is based on cooperation between manufacturers and academics in the region. With a target date of 2020-2025, this ambitious project aims to generate a new inter-industry manufacturing model using the concepts of collaborative innovation and the “factory of the future”. Structurally it will be centred on the Etang de Berre, where there are issues of land tenure, access and service connections to be settled before manufacturers’ demands can be met. The project’s core technocentre will be a place for resource pooling, research, exchange and technology transfer between different fields facing similar imperatives. Two major conferences are scheduled for 2016: one on technological and industrial challenges and one on ”business and markets”. There is already a year-long schedule of meetings with client companies (Airbus Helicopters, EDF, DCNS, Thales Alenia Space, CEA etc.), particularly in connection with major manufacturing projects in the region. The aim of these meetings is to draw up a road map based on a shared vision of industrial and technological challenges.