Hotel Technoptic
 L’hôtel Technoptic de Marseille Innovation est une pépinière dédiée aux startups technologiques de l’optique, de la photonique et des objets connectés.

The Sharing economy

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Crowdfunding* has doubled in a year and 1.5 million French people have already contributed, lending money so that someone else can bring a project to fruition.


Centralised organisations and a hierarchical conception of the world are on their way out. The Internet has opened the way to heterarchy. Our social lives are henceforth shaped by interrelationship, cooperation and a number of overlapping and intersecting networks. This (dis)organisation is not new: Leibniz predicted it back in 1714 and in 1969 Deleuze announced the emergence of a centreless world of uninterruptable communication. The new technologies and the Internet have turned these theories into reality. One of the most convincing examples is Wikipedia. Just from a smartphone you can access a database as big as 18,000 encyclopaedia volumes – the problem now being not so much how to access the information as how to check its reliability and relevance. Collaborative models are now being applied to every aspect of life. Almost everyone uses Airbnb, Drivy or Ebay (or LeBonCoin and Blablacar in France). Crowdfunding, crowdlending, coworking and coliving are booming, startups are coming together geographically and multi-business projects are multiplying. While sharing and cooperation are no way new, the Internet multiplies the possibilities for it a billionfold. Crowdfunding in its many variants makes it easier to realise projects and raise funds, bringing spare money to the places where it is needed. Creativity and innovation, long hampered
by the rigidity of existing systems, can now express themselves fully.


*133 M€ collectés sur 50 plateformes au premier semestre 2015
*€133 raised by 50 platforms in the first half of 2015.