La Seven® Tarbouriech

  • Pretty and easy


Luxury Special grade organic oysters from the Mediterranean, rocked by "waves" and prettily packaged – something that will please those new to the art of opening oysters.


In 1986 Florent Tarbouriech took over the oyster farm his father founded in 1962 on the Etang de Thau lagoon. Backed by an enthusiastic team and driven by a love of his area and the conviction that "his" oysters could be as exceptional a product as Atlantic oysters, he commissioned Médithau to handle quality control and certification. His crazy idea was to reconcile the limpid waters and sunshine of the Mediterranean with the tidal rhythm of his Atlantic rivals. In 2006 he perfected the "solar tide" and the "1re Spéciale de Luxe de Méditerranée". A computer-controlled system driven by solar panels lifts the oysters out of the water once every six hours. This has a beneficial effect on his Spéciales Tarbouriech® oysters: the pinkish to purplish shells are softer, with iridescent mother-of-pearl, a fleshier muscle and a delicate, less iodine-y taste. Sold in grades 1 and 2 via the traditional channels to hotels and restaurants, they are the oyster of choice for many top chefs.


Oysters in evening dress
Ingenuity and exacting standards are the family's hallmark, but daughter Florie takes them further still. She is raising a new generation of smaller (grade 4) oysters in small baskets, rocking them in the artificial waves for months. This way they polish each other until they are smooth and soft, which makes them ideal for cocktail parties and soirées! They are packed vertically and are easy to open, being kept closed simply by rubber bands that can then serve as bracelets. And the irreverent Florie has even invented a grade 7. A high-added-value product, the Seven® is sold only via a selective circuit to famous caterers like Fauchon, Hédiard and Lafayette Gourmet.


By Claude Ponsolle