Le Camion, un tiers-lieu du numérique à la rencontre des populations.

Le Camion numérique

  • Fab lab on wheels


Le Camion Numérique van started out in the Vaucluse département. Brainchild of La Provence Créative, it’s the first stage in the ambitious Gare Numérique project.

The old Carpentras train station is being converted into La Gare Numérique, a digital ecosystem at the service of innovation in the region. It is seen in terms of a ‘third place’, based around virtual and bricks-and-mortar meeting spaces bringing together people with different skills. This major new technology facility is due to open in spring 2020. It will constitute a pool of material and human resources, knowledge and knowhow. and will be a service hub for local small businesses, which make up 95% of the area’s economic fabric and do not always have the means to fulfil their ambitions.

Le Camion numérique
The Camion Numérique, an offshoot of the Gare project, is already on the road, supplying digital services to rural dwellers and providing training and assistance in the new technologies. Manufacturers in Carpentras, Sarrians and Malaucène contributed to setting it up as part of the government’s French Tech Culture programme, with a working group to manage it. Business people, artisans, students, teachers and anyone else can venture in and learn to use 3D printers and CNC laser cutters, vinyl cutters, 3D scanners etc. It also provides the requisites for making connected objects, silicone moulds, satellite dishes and internet connections. The truck is a place for learning, repairing, communicating, customising and prototype building under the guidance of skilled staff.