Le team de la Fablab Marseille, de jeunes Centraliens ouverts sur les technologies du futur. 

Fablab Marseille

  • With students from Ecole Centrale


Fablab Marseille, a digital innovation space run entirely by a volunteer team of students from the graduate engineering school Ecole Centrale Marseille, is a classic ‘third place’.

In practical terms, the workshop boasts 3D printers, laser cutters and other high-tech hardware with which an inventor can go quickly from concept to functional prototype. It also provides a vast range of electronic components for people to use in their projects. This 160m2 community space is a place for exchanging ideas and processes in many field, from architecture and computer-aided design to electronics with an Arduino microcontroller, and much more. Household appliances out of order due to minor problems or a faulty component can be repaired at collaborative workshops open to all. With their partners in La Fabulerie and Les Echanges Phocéens, the students also holds fab lab initiation classes for Marseille’s middle- and high-school pupils, based on small technical projects.

Example: the ‘smiling plant’
The Makers Original Challenge is a real innovation marathon: inventors must go from idea to prototype in one weekend. The results are often surprising objects such as this ‘smiling plant’, the dream solution for all who lack green fingers. The clever gadget is endowed with sensors by which it can tell you what your plant needs in terms of water, light, temperature, pH etc. These sensors work for several types of plant, especially the most delicate, the ones that need most care, such as orchids.