Marseille, comme toutes les villes croise les moyens de transport divers

Getting around

  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow


What kind of conveyance will take us from A to B in the coming years? Tomorrow’s cars, it seems, will be electric, self-driving, shared and connected. Well, they’re already connected. My smartphone, almost an extension of myself, is henceforth a magic wand that tells me what route to take and warns me of traffic jams and other obstacles. In the future it will doubtless start my car for me. Our lives are being transformed by new habits that mix public and private transport; taking that logic further into the future, tomorrow’s cars speak of joint ownership and use. Teleworking, ride sharing and virtual travel already alleviate congestion on the roads, but is this enough? Smart solutions can improve traffic flow but we will surely have to rethink the equation from scratch to find a proper balance and reinvent the way we live. As Georges Amar says in Homo Mobilis, «a mobility civilisation needs to be civilised not in terms of mobility, speed and distance covered but by moving less and better, with hybrid mobility modes and means; in short, by incorporating mobility into a certain art of living.»

Par Dominique Juan