La navette Roussillon II reliant le Vieux Port à la Pointe Rouge./ © Camille Moirenc

Walk, bike, take a boat?

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By 2020, our public spaces will have quiet traffic on tree-lined streets designed for public transport, as well as cycle paths, far better provision for pedestrians, and upgraded architectural heritage all around. There are three strands to the flagship project for the Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence: improving the way public space is shared, in favour of pedestrians and green transport modes; transforming the Canebière, Marseille’s iconic main street (with 450 trees to be planted, among other things); and harmonising and renovating the architectural environment. The two project phases already scheduled for completion by 2021 concern 72 hectares in Marseille city centre (22ha of which will be entirely pedestrianised). The upgrading projects will give more room for non-motorised transport modes, creating cycle paths and wide, safe pedestrian walkways. Cyclists will have 3.6km of bike path from the Canebière to Boulevard Baille and 6.7km from Saint-Just to Place de Pologne. And for aspiring mariners, shuttle ferries run from Vieux-Port to Estaque and Pointe-Rouge in just over 30mins: a pleasant interlude, far from the traffic and in touch with sea and sky.

Maurice Gouiran