Avec « Incidences », l’artiste Etienne Rey explore la relation entre espace, perception et lumière. / © Florent Joliot

The melting-pot city

  • Living together


More and more initiatives for greater neighbourliness are springing up, whether from citizens’ initiatives or as building projects where residents can become active players in their city.

Greening the streets
Residents’ initiatives to put some greenery in their streets can involve anything from flower pots and tubs to packing pallets. Vegetation helps to combat the heat island effect, liven up a neighbourhood and, most of all, bring people together around caring for their environment. In the centre of Marseille, it all began about ten years ago with Rue de l’Arc in the Noailles district. That action prompted the city council to create the Visa Vert permit and a good practice guide so that private citizens can install plants in public areas, free of charge and with due regard for safety. In this way plants, flowers and bushes can grow and spread, bringing beauty into people’s lives and nature into the city. About 60 initiatives have sprung up so far, showing what a town can look like with a bit of joint good will from citizens and authorities!
Logirem commissioned Daniel Deluy and Rémy Marciano to design the Carré Saint Lazare as an inter-generational, functional, modulable complex for first-time buyers, students, subsidized tenants and senior citizens. It consists of ten buildings with 455 homes plus shops and service premises. It has its own sports room, a student service zone, a 42-place crèche, a seniors’ reception and activities centre, a medium-sized supermarket, a 371-place underground car park, more than 300m2 of parking space for two-wheelers – and, to top it all, an artwork by contemporary artist Etienne Rey.