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The climate-friendly city

  • The eco-districts trend


Eco-districts are an up-and-coming trend, driven by a socially, economically and environmentally aware approach to urbanism. They are designed to foster a good social mix, neighbourly relations and a green lifestyle; together, these aspects make them really pleasant places to live in.

Eco-districts like Smartseille and La Fabrique have sprung up in Marseille, but the trend is also emerging in rural Provence. Architects Jacques Patingre and Michaël Le Panese Jolly chose Velleron, near Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, to build Le Clos de l’Angéli, a hamlet of 38 houses, 49 flats and some small shops around a central square. The gardens, footpaths and islands of greenery will foster friendliness and encourage people to walk; residents will be able to walk or cycle in complete safety. The abundance of greenery – an alley of plane trees as well as the hedges and green spaces between the houses – will merge the hamlet with the landscape beyond.The flats and houses are bioclimatically designed, facing south or east to maximise light and sunshine. The architecture will combine energy efficiency, sober lines, contemporary design and traditional materials such as wood, stone and zinc.