La terrasse, comme une proue sur la grande bleue./© Sud Rea

Sea One

  • Seaside dream - the Sea One development


Marseille is wedded to the sea. It’s everywhere, at the far end of a street you cross, below the rocks or delineating the horizon. What could be more natural than to make it a part of one’s living space?
Wave upon wave: Rudy Ricotti’s design for this block of 28 luxury flats in the Catalans district echoes the sea just beside it. Completion is scheduled for summer 2021. In Marseille, every district name has the story of a village behind it. Les Catalans is one of the city’s most prized neighbourhoods, doubtless because the contrast between its history and its present is so striking. But also, of course, because of the sea, closer here than anywhere. Sea One will be a work of art set down on the waterside, in contemporary architectural style on the seaward side and with neo-classical arches on the street side. Space, volume, balance and modernity will define the contours of a life cradled by a warm and intimate panorama of light, carrying dreams to the far horizon. Wherever you are, the sea will be there – not part of the decor but the decor itself. Every room will open wide to the blue sea, the beach and the islands. The terraces will prolong the panorama, the undulating glass parapets gracefully echoing the waves. Urban life will seem a long way off in this splendid natural setting with its escapist vibe. And yet the town centre and the Vieux Port are just a stone’s throw away. Marseille’s vibrant life will be almost on the doorstep, but scarcely a murmur will reach the rooftop terrace, where ease and relaxation will be the order of the day.