Christmas candles

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We love them – for their look, their scent, the ambience. Here’s a fragrant selection of the finest candles ‘made in Provence’.

What more welcoming way could there be to light a festive table? Take your pick from the offerings of four designers. To deliver the full strength of their perfumes, Panier des Sens use a unique assemblage of high-quality wax: hard mineral wax of certified provenance, enriched with vegetable wax. The candles come in two scents, Jasmine and Rose Geranium, effusing floral notes blended from perfume absolutes by master perfumers in Grasse. Eau de Cassis is an old family firm producing eaux de parfum, eaux de Cologne, home fragrances, candles and pillow mists, all presented in modern formats with labels depicting Cap Canaille. Their candles are made entirely from natural wax, with cotton wicks and handmade Italian glass containers.

Any way you want
Rose et Marius have unveiled their new collections of high-end perfumes for body and home. A master perfumer in Grasse creates the fragrances, using absolutes and natural ingredients. Find your favourite Rose et Marius perfume in candle form to scent your home. These candles and their decorative holders are entirely handcrafted by French artisans. The latest high-end, customisable idea is from Jeudi. These candles “for men” come in leather-clad glasses, in four styles, four colours and two finishes. The effect is thoroughly masculine, evoking a whole lifestyle. Scented machismo! The perfume concentration is as much as 11% and the three fra­grances are based around incense, spice and Mediterranean resins.