boutique seiko

Le nouvel – et unique – écrin Seiko en PACA !


  • Aix-en-Provence is right on time.


Everything Seiko makes can be found in the brand’s new two-floor shop in Aix. The brand has long had a faithful following in Southeast France – all those divers who explore the seabed with a Seiko on their wrist! The shop’s ground floor is devoted to the Seiko collection while upstairs you can discover the prestige brand Grand Seiko. Two worlds of manufacture-made watches in keeping with the Japanese philosophy of precise execution and constant innovation. The name of Seiko has marked time for our era from the first quartz watch to atomic timekeeping. “A philosophy of time that flies and time that flows, a fluidity that fascinates me,“ says the manager of the new store, speaking of the revolutionary Spring Drive movement.


3 rue Marius Reynaud


Tél. 04 13 91 00 19