buffile atelier

Un atelier où sont disposées des années de créations.

Atelier Buffile

  • Expressive ceramics


Léonie and Jean ran the studio from 1945 to 1984, when their son Vincent and his wife Monique took over, with Romain, the third generation, also continuing the Buffile pottery saga.


They didn’t submit to fate! Monique and Vincent Buffile, having lost everything in a fire in January 2015, came back a year later to their pottery studio in Traverse de l’Aigle-d’Or, reborn from its ashes like a phoenix or, indeed, a golden eagle as the street name suggests. A year further on, in 2017, the entire town of Aix is paying homage to this family with ceramics in their souls: four places have devoted their space to celebrating the pottery’s 70th anniversary.


A style in synch with the times
You go up a few steps to reach the studio door. Inside, you find a couple who clearly love each other and the world at large, life, people and style. Vincent also loves black and white, producing items that can be read two ways; a different pattern emerges depending which colour you focus on. “Plus and minus,“ he says, smiling proudly. Monique, though, is into colour, producing a whole rainbow range of tableware. Right now she’s eager to find out the theme for the next Côté Sud home decor fair: “Meeting people, taking orders – I love doing custom ceramics, like the work I’ve done for Pierre Frey, Marcellin and some museums, including the Picasso museum in Antibes.” Their son Romain arrives, he too a potter, but one with an avowedly contemporary bent. “I like working with artists,” he says. His monumental creation, designed in collaboration with graphic artist Samir Guessabe, is made up of 64 plates arranged to form a strange kind of portrait. The Buffile family’s complementary artistic differences are totally seductive.


2 bis traverse de l’Aigle d’Or, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

by Valérie Rouger