centre bourse

Aux pieds des tours Labourdette, le nouveau Centre Bourse, toutes voiles dehors.

Centre Bourse

  • New look, new spirit


The metamorphosis of the Centre Bourse shopping complex in central Marseille continues and its final form will soon be revealed: urban, chic and architectural.


Two years ago the Centre Bourse won the first edition of the Prix Versailles, a major architecture prize awarded to shops and shopping centres that are outstanding in terms of exterior architecture, interior layout and design, consumer services and how they fit into their surroundings. While Centre Bourse already had some cachet from the presence of the Musée de l’Histoire de Marseille next door and the Lafayette Gourmet food store, it now ranks with the most upscale city centre shopping destinations rather than with out-of-town malls. The façade with its immaculate, undulating wave structures is really attractive. These structures provide shade, draw the eye to the entrances and suggest both the waves and the sails of the nearby sea. Because, yes, the Vieux-Port and its quaysides are just a hundred yards away! The all-glass façade is eco-friendly twice over: it maximises natural light inside, of course, but it also provides thermal insulation. Work is still going on inside but the mall is getting classier by the day as new brands move in and open up: Kaporal for fashion, La Chaise Longue for interiors and accessories, It Style for makeup and cosmetics and, on the foodie side, Alice Délice and the Bagel Chef concept. Centre Bourse offers gift cards for €15 to €150 that can be used in all its shops, and has extended its services with 1hr free parking for €30 spent and two hours for €60 spent.