Patrick Veillet

  • N. for New Cigale


Designer Patrick Veillet has opened a sumptuous all-black 'cell' for his cicadas (cigales in French). In homage to the tireless chirpers he sees as a powerful symbol of Marseille, he's put his own artistic slant on them and the result is breathtaking. Futuristic but evocative, carved from the block, they come in glossy black, white, cut crystal, mirrored metal finish and even crystal strass (one-of-a-kind, made to order). These objects are made for decoration and collecting, to hang on a wall or place on a strategic surface and admire. Patrick has also made cicada jewellery in moulded rhodium-plated white gold or yellow gold, solid as a small ingot, a crystal of precious metal, a suspended drop of gold. Coming soon are some delicate home perfumes. L.B

5 rue de la Prison, Marseille 2e - Tél. 04 91 900 700