Un aménagement qui s’adapte aux contraintes avec délicatesse et élégance.

Jardins Griin

  • Outdoor architects.


After the success of their Griin shop in Avignon, Stéphane Vandaele and his partner are starting the adventure again, in Aubagne. They have fine-tuned the concept and moved into premises fitted out by the talented designer Margaux Keller. Griin is a unique concept, encompassing outdoor life from A to Z with furniture, decoration, lighting, flooring and space design and constantly finding new possibilities for your indoor/outdoor spaces. A wide choice of high quality furniture and accessories with which to build, item by item, your wildest dreams for outdoor living. Gardens and terraces are in good hands with Griin.

Avenue de la Baumonne, 
ZAC de la Palud, 13400 Aubagne
Tél. 04 90 39 01 81