Pierick Jeannoutot

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Pierick Jeannoutot was born beside the Baie des Anges, further along the coast; now he lives and works by the Vieux-Port in Marseille, his home port between travels. Official photographer to the Société Nautique de Marseille, and also a member, he has a passion for traditional yachts and sometimes crews on the Irène or Barcelone. He covers the Voiles de Cassis and Voiles du Vieux Port events and in 2013 was elected photographer of the year by the Association Française des Yachts de Tradition. The other string to his bow is Zen, the graphic design company he runs with his partners. They handle communication for film, theatre and circus festivals, do photos and publications for yacht clubs and sailing championships, and much more besides. "With my versatile profile I can get work on a range of subjects in different fields, I can adapt and keep going despite the changing times we live in! I organise my days as I want, between regattas, work and travel: Asia, Iceland, Nepal …"


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