Mon Bazar

  • Creativity above all


Here the word "bazaar" must be understood in its highest sense, as a place offering the most diverse articles but with a little extra, since boss Valérie's hobbyhorse is promoting the work of young artisans, from Nice, France or further afield. Von leather bags, Babalux portable fabric-shaded lamps, Francine Triboulet's poetic-Bauhaus pottery and Valérie Leroux's more graphic pieces, Savonnerie Cancalaise soaps, Tensira hand-woven fabrics from Guinea, Lova hand-blown glass, Basque espadrilles, Berber rugs... the selection is bang on-trend without sliding into bobo clichés. Note too that even the display units are for sale, and that Mon Bazar will have its own tearoom soon.

Nice, 14 rue Lascaris – Tél. 04 89 03 34 80