CIAC IDA 2016 11

 > Les photographies de Jean-Michel Sordello, série Impressions d’ateliers (portraits des artistes de l’exposition). 2014/40 x 50 cm/ 30 tirages originaux.


Impressions d’ateliers

  • La création contemporaine sur la Côte d’Azur


The Château-Musée Grimaldi in Cagnes-sur-Mer and the Centre International d’Art Contemporain in Carros are exhibiting the work of 66 Riviera artists featured in the book Impressions d’Ateliers.


A series of meetings coordinated by Patrick Boussu has resulted in two volumes profiling artists who live or work on the Côte d’Azur. Featuring famous figures, established names and promising young artists alike, they constitute an overview of creativity over the last 40 years. The Riviera has a history of important movements emerging, such as the Nouveaux Réalistes, Fluxus, Support-Surface and the Groupe 70. Their heritage certainly nourishes the contemporary art scene but what is striking is the individuality and autonomy of present-day art practices. The dual exhibition in two châteaux is something of a continuation of the two-volume Impressions d’Ateliers (Studio Impressions), instigating a dialogue between the studio profiles and the works exhibited. The Volume I artists are showing in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the Volume II ones in Carros.
Having no critical or historical narrative, the two exhibitions set out to highlight the relationship between the artist, their studio and their oeuvre, as developing through the reciprocal influences of each on the others. It includes paintings, sculptures and installations.


Jusqu’au 15 janvier

Ben, Louis Cane, Denis Castellas, Noël Dolla, Jacqueline Gainon,
Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Henri Olivier, Bernard Pagès, Eve Pietruschi,
Emmanuel Régent, Cédric Teisseire, Tatiana Wolska...
Château-Musée Grimaldi, 

Place du Château à Cagnes-sur-Mer
Tél. 04 92 02 47 30 —

Marcel Alocco, Stéphane Cipre, Didier Demozay, Karim Ghelloussi,
Virginie Le Touze, Sandra Lorenzi, Gilles Miquelis, Vivien Roubaud,
Mathieu Schmitt, Armand Scholtès, Dominique Thévenin...

Centre international d’Art contemporain

Place du Château à Carros
Tél. 04 93 29 37 97