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Simone Simon, Corps Voix, territoires de l’intime

Galerie Eva Vautier Nice

  • Body/voice, territories of intimacy.


Embarked on a social, even anthropological, path, Simone Simon deploys a landscape made up of bodies and voices. Through photographs of nude women and their living spaces she draws a map of emotions that engenders a redefining of intimacy, a different vision of the world. The women who posed for her camera recount their struggle to be fully themselves, through reflections sometimes existential, sometimes aesthetic, on occasion brutal. The exhibition consists of large prints plus a soundscape produced from the protagonists’ confidences, challenging the public in this era of new technologies, selfies, social-media sharing, and the fluid relationship between private and public.

Jusqu’au 30 novembre
2 rue Vernier, Nice - Tél. 09 80 84 96 73