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Marie Lise Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova, Dust to dust, 2018, France-Russie. Argile non cuite (grès faïence).

Biennale internationale de Céramique contemporaine

  • The 25th renewal edition


With four Vallauris exhibition spaces plus further opportunities to discover modern ceramicists, the Biennale looks resolutely to a future of fresh talents and new technologies such as 3D pottery.

It all started back in 1966 when the first national ceramics competition was held in Vallauris, with André Malraux and Pablo Picasso as presidents of honour. Two years later the Biennale was born. «In 2019 we could only mark that milestone by operating a change of direction to focus on modernity, openness and disregard of norms, just like Picasso in his day,» explains Sandra Benadretti, curator of the Biennale and head curator of the Magnelli Ceramics Museum. A prestigious panel of experts selected the 40-plus gifted potters who are taking part, a new generation of creative artisans and craft designers, the present-day avatars of yesterday’s «pot throwers», such as the two winners of the 2019 Grand Prix: Hungarian ceramic artist Maria Geszler and French ceramicist Safia Hijos. Nicola Boccini, pottery’s enfant terrible, has filled the Maison des Quartiers with his light panels, while Olivier Van Herpt displays his 3D pieces in Espace Grandjean, and as this year the Biennale is partnering the International Museum of Ceramic in Faenza, the Eden shines its spotlight on Italy. Then there are studio visits, installations, entertainment and screenings all summer long – quite a programme!

Jusqu’au 4 novembre