Olivier FABRE

  • Heir to a passion


He wanted to be a political journalist, but the family legend caught up with him. A legend that echoed through his childhood in the glove-making workshops where 300 nimble-fingered workers plied their trade. In 1997 Maison Fabre, founded in Millau in the Aveyron in 1924, was going through hard times. Olivier, eager for a challenge and helped by his brother Jean-Marc, decided start from scratch and went hunting through the archives to define the firm's DNA. "We plunged into the old stock boxes: total immersion in past fashions! In the sketchbooks there were designs for Dior …" A stroke of genius came in 2001: he created models for young labels like Claudie Pierlot and Médecine Douce. That led to regular collaboration with luxury brands. Success was on its way. The next steps were to reorganise the workshops, hire skilled staff and open a boutique in Palais-Royal. Now, at almost 80 years of age, the firm is enjoying double-figure growth. Its beautiful, colourful leather gloves adorn the hands of Rihanna and of Nicole Kidman in the film Grace of Monaco. Maison Fabre has just opened a shop in Versailles, is bringing perfumed gloves back into fashion and is launching a line of leather goods. Glovely.