Sandrine Stern

  • Patek Philippe's feminine eye


"I'm so lucky to be celebrating the manufacture's 175th anniversary! For 20 years I've felt I was creating something that would last through time." Sandrine Stern was just 22 when she joined the big high-end watchmaking family in 1995. Today she heads the Patek Philippe design department, working hand in hand with her husband, chairman Thierry Stern. But how did she come to choose this profession? "My father was a jewellery designer so from when I was tiny I grew up immersed in that world." As time went by she learned about precious stones and their shapes, amassing an invaluable body of knowhow. She now manages a team of 15, with the mission to design new watch cases, update existing models and tell stories around timepieces. Her guideline is always the same, though: to perpetuate the codes that have brought Patek Philippe its prestige. "I know so much about the brand that I can promote a product or arouse curiosity in ways that are consistent with Patek Philippe's history." Sandrine Stern designs women's watches as well as men's, and does so with brio. Like the Perpetual Calendar she was given for her birthday, all her lady's watches embody all the manfacture's technical DNA while making no compromise on style.

Salons Patek Philippe 
10 place Vendôme, 1er - Tél. 01 42 44 17 77


By Julie de los Rios